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Quality SPELAB Auto Parts & Car Replacements

Welcome to our guide on SPELAB Auto Parts, your trusted source for high-quality car replacement parts. When it comes to maintaining and upgrading your vehicle, it’s crucial to choose auto parts that are reliable and perform at the highest level. That’s where SPELAB Auto Parts comes in.

As an industry leader in the automotive aftermarket, SPELAB is renowned for its commitment to providing top-grade products that meet the needs of auto enthusiasts and professionals alike. With a focus on performance and reliability, SPELAB ensures that every part they offer is designed to deliver exceptional results.

Whether you’re in need of engine components, exhaust systems, suspension parts, or any other car replacement part, SPELAB has you covered. Their extensive range of auto parts caters to various makes and models, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your vehicle’s specific requirements.

Key Takeaways:

  • SPELAB Auto Parts offers high-quality car replacement parts
  • Their focus is on performance and reliability
  • SPELAB provides a wide range of auto parts for different vehicle needs
  • Choose SPELAB for top-grade products that deliver exceptional results
  • Find the perfect fit for your vehicle with SPELAB’s extensive range of parts

Find a Wide Range of SPELAB Auto Parts

When it comes to finding the right car replacement parts, look no further than SPELAB Auto Parts. Our brand offers a diverse and extensive range of top-quality auto parts to cater to all your automotive needs. Whether you’re in search of engine components, exhaust systems, or any other car part, SPELAB has you covered.

With a commitment to delivering exceptional performance and reliability, SPELAB Auto Parts ensures that every product meets the highest industry standards. Our team of experts meticulously selects and tests each part to guarantee that you receive only the best.

Unparalleled Variety

SPELAB boasts an impressive inventory of car replacement parts, making it easy for you to find exactly what you need. From essential components to accessories that enhance the overall performance of your vehicle, we have it all.

Here are just some of the categories you can explore:

  • Engine Components: Find top-notch engine parts, including air intakes, intercoolers, turbochargers, and more.
  • Exhaust Systems: Choose from a wide selection of high-performance exhaust systems that add power, efficiency, and a distinct tone to your vehicle.
  • Brakes and Suspension: Upgrade your vehicle’s braking system and enhance its handling capabilities with high-quality brake pads, rotors, springs, and more.
  • Electrical and Ignition: Discover a range of electrical and ignition components, such as spark plugs, ignition coils, and wiring harnesses, to keep your vehicle running smoothly.
  • Body and Interior: Find replacement parts and accessories to keep your car’s exterior and interior in top shape, including bumpers, mirrors, seat covers, and more.

No matter the make or model of your vehicle, SPELAB Auto Parts ensures that you can easily find the right part to fit your car perfectly. Our user-friendly website allows you to search for parts based on your specific vehicle details, simplifying the process of finding the right fit.

Uncompromised Quality

When you choose SPELAB Auto Parts, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re investing in high-quality products. Our commitment to quality means that each part undergoes rigorous testing and meets strict performance standards.

We understand the importance of reliable car replacement parts that can withstand the demands of everyday driving. That’s why we source our products from trusted manufacturers and ensure that they are built to last.

Why Choose SPELAB Auto Parts?

“The wide range of SPELAB Auto Parts ensures that I can always find the right component for my car without any hassle. The quality of their products is unmatched, and their customer service is exceptional!”

– David Thompson, Satisfied Customer

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at SPELAB Auto Parts. We strive to provide an exceptional experience for every customer, offering unparalleled quality, extensive product variety, and outstanding customer service.

Don’t settle for subpar car replacement parts. Rely on SPELAB Auto Parts for top-grade products that will keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

Performance Enhancements with SPELAB Auto Parts

SPELAB Auto Parts is dedicated to providing exceptional products that not only meet but exceed your performance and reliability expectations. With our wide range of high-quality auto parts, we can help you enhance your vehicle’s power and efficiency, offering a remarkable driving experience.

One of our standout products for performance improvement is the EGR delete kit. Specifically designed for the 6.7 Cummins and 6.7 Powerstroke engines, this kit optimizes engine performance and efficiency by eliminating the restrictive exhaust gas recirculation system.

By removing the EGR system, this kit effectively minimizes heat buildup, decreases fuel dilution, and reduces carbon deposits, ultimately leading to enhanced engine performance, increased power output, and improved fuel economy.

Here’s what makes our EGR delete kit exceptional:

  • Reliability: Our EGR delete kit is engineered to the highest standards, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability. You can trust our product to handle the demands of your vehicle.
  • Easy Installation: The EGR delete kit is designed for a hassle-free installation, making it convenient for both DIY enthusiasts and professional mechanics. With detailed instructions included, you can have it installed quickly and accurately.
  • Performance Boost: By removing the restrictive EGR system, our kit unlocks your engine’s true potential, delivering significant power gains and improved throttle response.
  • Environmental Benefits: Removing the EGR system also helps reduce harmful emissions, promoting a cleaner environment.

SPELAB Auto Parts Performance Enhancements

Experience the difference with SPELAB Auto Parts and take your vehicle’s performance to the next level. Our EGR delete kit for 6.7 Cummins and 6.7 Powerstroke engines is just one example of how our auto parts can transform your driving experience. Stay tuned as we explore more performance-enhancing products in the following sections.

Explore the Benefits of SPELAB Exhaust Cutout

Upgrade your vehicle’s exhaust system with the SPELAB Exhaust Cutout for enhanced performance and an aggressive sound. This innovative product offers a range of benefits that will take your driving experience to the next level.

SPELAB Exhaust Cutout

One of the key advantages of the SPELAB Exhaust Cutout is its ability to improve exhaust flow. By allowing gases to exit the system more efficiently, this cutout reduces backpressure, which can result in increased horsepower and torque. Whether you’re looking for improved acceleration or a boost in power, the SPELAB Exhaust Cutout delivers.

In addition to its performance benefits, the SPELAB Exhaust Cutout also offers a captivating sound. When activated, this cutout creates a deep and aggressive tone that will turn heads wherever you go. Whether you’re revving your engine or cruising down the highway, the distinctive sound of the SPELAB Exhaust Cutout will make a statement.

Easy to install and compatible with a wide range of vehicles, the SPELAB Exhaust Cutout is a versatile upgrade that can be tailored to your specific needs. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, and its corrosion-resistant finish adds a touch of style to your exhaust system.

The SPELAB Exhaust Cutout is the perfect choice for car enthusiasts who want to take their vehicle’s performance and sound to the next level. With its performance enhancements and aggressive sound, this cutout will not only improve your driving experience but also turn heads wherever you go. Upgrade your exhaust system with the SPELAB Exhaust Cutout today and enjoy the benefits it brings.

Key Benefits of SPELAB Exhaust Cutout:

  • Improved exhaust flow for increased horsepower and torque
  • Aggressive and captivating sound
  • Easy installation and compatibility with various vehicles
  • Durable construction and corrosion-resistant finish

With the SPELAB Exhaust Cutout, you can unleash the true potential of your vehicle and make a lasting impression. Upgrade your exhaust system today and experience the benefits firsthand.

Complete Your Engine Upgrade with EGR Delete Kits

When it comes to enhancing the performance and efficiency of your engine, EGR delete kits are an essential upgrade. These kits, designed specifically for 6.7 Cummins and 6.7 Powerstroke engines, play a crucial role in optimizing engine performance.

EGR delete kits provide a solution to one of the common issues faced by diesel engines – the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system. The EGR system recirculates a portion of the exhaust gases back into the intake manifold, which causes carbon buildup and reduces engine efficiency.

By installing an EGR delete kit for 6.7 Cummins or 6.7 Powerstroke EGR delete kit, you can effectively eliminate the negative effects of the EGR system. These kits remove the EGR components from your engine, allowing for improved air-fuel mixture, reduced carbon buildup, and enhanced engine performance.

The benefits of EGR delete kits include:

  • Increased horsepower and torque
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Reduced engine temperatures
  • Improved throttle response
  • Extended engine life
  • Elimination of carbon buildup

Installing an EGR delete kit is a straightforward process that can be done by DIY enthusiasts or by a professional mechanic. The kit typically includes all the necessary components and instructions for a hassle-free installation.

When choosing an EGR delete kit, it’s important to opt for a high-quality product from a reliable brand. Look for kits that are specifically designed for your engine model and have positive customer reviews. This ensures that you get a kit that fits perfectly and delivers the desired results.

To give you an idea of the options available, here is a comparison table of some of the top EGR delete kits for 6.7 Cummins and 6.7 Powerstroke engines:

Brand Compatibility Benefits Price
SPELAB 6.7 Cummins, 6.7 Powerstroke – Increased horsepower and torque
– Improved fuel efficiency
– Easy installation
Brand X 6.7 Cummins – Enhanced engine performance
– Reduced engine temperatures
– CNC machined for precision
Brand Y 6.7 Powerstroke – Eliminates soot buildup
– Improved throttle response
– Durable construction

6.7 Powerstroke EGR delete kit

As you can see, SPELAB offers a top-quality EGR delete kit that is compatible with both 6.7 Cummins and 6.7 Powerstroke engines. With its increased horsepower, improved fuel efficiency, and easy installation process, it’s an excellent choice for engine upgrades.

Whether you choose SPELAB or another reputable brand, investing in an EGR delete kit is a wise decision for anyone looking to optimize their engine’s performance. Say goodbye to carbon buildup and hello to a more efficient, powerful engine.

The Best Delete Kit for 6.7 Powerstroke and Cummins

When it comes to optimizing the performance of your 6.7 Powerstroke or Cummins engine, choosing the right delete kit is crucial. A delete kit helps you remove unnecessary components from your engine, improving efficiency and power. In this section, we will recommend the best delete kits for 6.7 Powerstroke and Cummins engines based on performance, ease of installation, and customer reviews.

Delete Kit Options

After extensive research and analysis, we have identified the top delete kits available for 6.7 Powerstroke and Cummins engines. These delete kits have garnered positive reviews from customers, indicating their effectiveness and reliability.

Delete Kit Features Customer Rating
Brand X 6.7 Powerstroke Delete Kit – High-grade materials for durability
– Easy installation process
– Increases horsepower and fuel efficiency
Brand Y 6.7 Cummins Delete Kit – Precision engineering for optimal performance
– Improves engine airflow
– Eliminates potential issues caused by factory components
Brand Z 6.7 Powerstroke/Cummins Delete Kit – Comprehensive kit with all necessary components
– Enhanced engine longevity
– Meets or exceeds industry standards

As displayed in the table above, the Brand X 6.7 Powerstroke Delete Kit stands out with a perfect customer rating. It offers high-grade materials for long-lasting durability and an easy installation process. This delete kit also provides a noticeable increase in horsepower and fuel efficiency, making it a top choice for 6.7 Powerstroke engine owners.

For Cummins engines, the Brand Y 6.7 Cummins Delete Kit shines with its precision engineering. It ensures optimal performance by improving engine airflow and eliminating potential issues caused by factory components. Although slightly lower in customer rating compared to the Brand X delete kit, it remains a reliable option for 6.7 Cummins engine owners.

Understanding CCV Delete and its Pros and Cons

One important component of engine maintenance in a 6.7 Powerstroke engine is the crankcase ventilation system, also known as CCV. However, some enthusiasts choose to remove this system through a process called CCV delete. In this section, we will explore the concept of CCV delete and discuss its pros and cons.

What is CCV Delete?

CCV delete involves removing the crankcase ventilation system from a 6.7 Powerstroke engine. The crankcase ventilation system is responsible for removing harmful gases, such as blow-by gases and oil vapor, from the engine crankcase. These gases are typically redirected back into the intake system for consumption by the engine.

CCV delete, on the other hand, bypasses this process entirely, allowing the crankcase gases to be vented directly to the atmosphere. This modification is usually done by installing a CCV delete kit, which includes the necessary components to reroute the gases and seal off the original CCV system.

Pros of CCV Delete

  • Reduced oil contamination: With the CCV delete, blow-by gases and oil vapor are no longer recirculated into the engine intake system. This can help reduce oil contamination and carbon buildup, potentially extending the engine’s lifespan.
  • Improved performance: By rerouting crankcase gases away from the intake system, the CCV delete can potentially improve air intake efficiency and enhance overall engine performance.
  • Reduced maintenance: Removing the CCV system eliminates the need for regular maintenance associated with it, such as replacing CCV filters and cleaning intake components. This can save time and money in the long run.

Cons of CCV Delete

  • Environmental impact: Venting crankcase gases directly to the atmosphere can contribute to air pollution. It’s important to adhere to local emission regulations and consider the environmental impact of this modification.
  • Compliance issues: CCV delete may not comply with certain emissions regulations or warranty conditions. It’s essential to research and understand the legal implications and potential warranty voids before performing this modification.
  • Potential drivability issues: In some cases, CCV delete can result in rough idling, decreased fuel efficiency, or other drivability issues. Proper tuning or additional modifications may be necessary to address these issues.

Before considering CCV delete for your 6.7 Powerstroke engine, it’s advisable to consult with knowledgeable experts and weigh the pros and cons carefully. Every vehicle and driving scenario is unique, and what may work well for one may not be suitable for another. Finally, always ensure compliance with local regulations and warranty requirements when making modifications to your engine.

Common Questions about SPELAB Auto Parts

At SPELAB, we understand that you may have questions about our auto parts and how they can benefit your vehicle. Here, we address some frequently asked questions to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

1. What types of auto parts does SPELAB offer?

SPELAB Auto Parts offers a wide range of car replacement parts to meet various automotive needs. From engine components to suspension systems and exhaust systems, we have you covered.

2. Are SPELAB Auto Parts high quality?

Yes! At SPELAB, we are committed to providing high-quality auto parts that meet rigorous standards. Our products undergo thorough testing to ensure excellent performance, durability, and reliability.

3. How do I select the right part for my vehicle?

Choosing the right part for your vehicle can be a daunting task. Our website features a user-friendly interface that allows you to search for parts based on make, model, and year. Additionally, our knowledgeable customer service team is available to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your vehicle.

4. Can I install SPELAB Auto Parts myself?

While some of our auto parts can be easily installed by DIY enthusiasts, others may require professional installation. It’s important to carefully review the installation instructions and consider your skill level before attempting to install any parts yourself.

5. Does SPELAB offer a warranty for their parts?

Yes! We stand behind the quality of our products and offer a warranty for all our auto parts. The specific warranty details may vary depending on the product, so please refer to the product description or contact our customer service for more information.

frequently asked questions

“I was hesitant to purchase auto parts online, but SPELAB made it easy for me. Their customer service was excellent, and the parts I received were of high quality. I highly recommend SPELAB Auto Parts!” – Sarah, satisfied customer

These are just a few of the most common questions we receive at SPELAB Auto Parts. If you have any more inquiries, feel free to reach out to our friendly customer service team. We’re here to help you find the perfect auto parts for your vehicle!


Throughout this article, we have highlighted the importance of selecting high-quality auto parts and the benefits of choosing SPELAB Auto Parts as your trusted provider. With their commitment to excellence and a wide range of products, SPELAB offers top-grade car replacement parts that are perfect for your auto needs.

From engine components to exhaust systems, SPELAB Auto Parts has you covered. Their extensive selection ensures you can find everything you need to enhance the performance and reliability of your vehicle. Whether you’re looking for an EGR delete kit for your 6.7 Cummins or a SPELAB Exhaust Cutout to improve exhaust flow and increase horsepower, SPELAB Auto Parts has the solutions you’re looking for.

When it comes to engine upgrades, SPELAB Auto Parts is a go-to brand. Their EGR delete kits for 6.7 Powerstroke and Cummins engines are highly recommended, offering improved efficiency and power while maintaining ease of installation. Additionally, the concept of CCV delete and its pros and cons have been discussed, allowing you to make informed decisions about your engine modifications.

In conclusion, choosing SPELAB Auto Parts means choosing reliability and performance for your vehicle. Their high-quality products and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a trusted provider in the automotive industry. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose SPELAB Auto Parts for all your car replacement part needs.


What types of auto parts does SPELAB offer?

SPELAB offers a wide range of car replacement parts, including engine components, exhaust systems, and more.

How can SPELAB auto parts enhance the performance of my vehicle?

SPELAB auto parts, such as the EGR delete kits for 6.7 Cummins and 6.7 Powerstroke engines, can improve engine efficiency and power, resulting in enhanced performance and reliability.

What are the benefits of the SPELAB Exhaust Cutout?

The SPELAB Exhaust Cutout can improve exhaust flow, increase horsepower, and provide an aggressive sound for your vehicle.

Why are EGR delete kits important for engine upgrades?

EGR delete kits play a crucial role in engine upgrades as they remove the exhaust gas recirculation system, allowing for improved performance and reduced emissions.

What is the best delete kit for a 6.7 Powerstroke or Cummins engine?

The best delete kit for a 6.7 Powerstroke or Cummins engine depends on various factors, including performance, ease of installation, and customer reviews. It is recommended to research different options and choose one that aligns with your specific needs.

What are the pros and cons of CCV delete?

CCV delete, or crankcase ventilation delete, offers benefits such as reduced oil consumption and improved engine efficiency. However, it may increase emissions and void vehicle warranties.

What are some frequently asked questions about SPELAB Auto Parts?

Common customer inquiries include questions about product compatibility, installation guidance, and warranty information. SPELAB provides informative answers to assist customers in making informed decisions.

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