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How to use Spocket

Spocket is a platform that connects e-commerce businesses with a global network of suppliers of unique, high-quality products. Here’s how it works:

Sign up: Businesses create a free account on the Spocket website and provide information about their business and what types of products they are interested in.

Browse products: Spocket has a wide variety of products from different suppliers around the world. Businesses can browse through the catalog of products and select the ones they want to sell.

Place an order: Once a business has selected a product, they can place an order directly through Spocket. Spocket will then handle the communication and coordination with the supplier to ensure that the order is fulfilled and shipped to the business.

Fulfillment and shipping: Spocket handles the fulfillment and shipping of the products to the business. The business can choose from different shipping options and track their orders through the Spocket platform.

Sell: Once the business receives the products, they can sell them on their own website or through various marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, and Shopify.

Automation: Spocket also offers an automation feature that allows businesses to list products on their website automatically, update prices and inventory, and fulfill orders with just a few clicks.

Spocket offers a great opportunity for businesses to access unique products from around the world and automate the process of adding them to their store, without the need to communicate with suppliers, handle logistics, or worry about inventory.

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