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Best cloak tool- Traffic Armor Review

Traffic Armor is the most popular and powerful cloaking platform, used by today’s largest affiliates.

Best For Website Traffic Filtering, Affiliate Marketing

Traffic Armor: Use the coupon code “FOCUS10” for 15% off any of their packages for life!

By always being the first to introduce new tests and features, its users have enjoyed an edge over everyone else for years. Their vast amount of data allows them to identify patterns that would be impossible for others to flag.

Subscriptions to the products that they diligently scrape and blacklist – including all the major residential proxy providers – would alone cost someone tens of thousands of dollars per month.

With even their smallest package, you can immediately gain the same advantage as today’s top affiliates! This is a must-have tool for any successful affiliate’s arsenal.

Traffic Armor: Use the coupon code “FOCUS10” for 15% off any of their packages for life!

One of the longest-standing cloakers in the industry: Traffic Armor.

Traffic Armor’s key features: Geographic Rerouting, Blacklist Competitors, Block Bots & Spy Tools and Stop Fraudulent Visitors, is packed with tons of filtering options.

One of their main advantages are:

  • No Technical Skills Needed
  • Unnoticeable Visitor Testing
  • Pre-Loaded “Global” Databases
  • Extremely Fast Checks
  • Build Custom Blacklists
  • Upload Your Own Blacklists
  • Paid Databases for Accuracy
  • “Denial Reason” Breakdown
  • Massive Capacity & Redundancy
  • Ability to Process Tens of millions of Visitors Per Day
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